The Department of Management started its activity since 1979 as one of the departments of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics in University of Isfahan. This department initially started working with business management. Since 1991, the field of public administration became started to acceptance of the students. The first master program that the business management started working with was the financial management; In 1997. Currently, the management department is in the bachelor’s degree with three majors of business, industrial, and public management in the first and second rounds, and in the master’s degree in business management with a focus on finance, marketing, and transformation, and since October 2008, in the master’s degree in industrial management. Since October 2013, PhD students were accepted in business management with the orientation of organizational behavior & human resources management, and since October 2014, with the orientation of marketing. Finally this department added the industrial management and finance programs in the Ph.D. level and the entrepreneurship and technology management in the master level.

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