Iran (Islamic Republic of Iran) is the second largest country in West Asia and in the Middle East. The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran has declared Shia Islam as the official religion and the majority of the people of this country are followers of this religion. The official language of this country is Persian.

This Middle Eastern country has a strategic position in the Persian Gulf region, and the Strait of Hormuz in its south is a vital route for transporting crude oil. The total population of 31 provinces of Iran is more than 84 million people and Tehran is the capital and the most populated city of this country.

Iran has a society with various ethnicities and cultures, and the dominant ethnic and cultural group of this country is its Persian speakers. Beside them, there are other ethnic groups, Azeri, Kurd, Lur and Turkmen.

In terms of GDP, based on purchasing power parity, Iran is the 22nd largest economy in the world, and in terms of nominal GDP based on the World Bank list, Iran’s economy ranks 50th among countries in the world.

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