Isfahan is a historical and touristic city in the center of Iran. This city is the capital of Isfahan province. It is the third most populous city in Iran after Tehran and Mashhad, as well as the 165th most populous city in the world and the 9th most populous city in Western Asia. Isfahan metropolis is also the 14th most populated metropolis in the Middle East.

This city is famous for its beautiful Iranian architecture, covered bridges, mosques and minarets. This has caused Isfahan to be called half of the world in popular culture. In December 2015, along with Rasht, this city joined the network of creative cities of the world under the supervision of UNESCO as the first cities in Iran.
Naqsh Jahan Square is an outstanding example of Safavid architecture. This city has fifteen urban areas. Among other historical monuments of Isfahan, we can mention Menar Jonban Minaret, Si-o-se Pol Bridge, Khaju Bridge, Chehel Sotoun palace, Ali Qapu palace, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and many other historical places.

از Active industries in Isfahan include Iran’s major aircraft manufacturing companies, Mobarakeh Steel Complex, Isfahan Oil Refinery, Sairan Electro-Optic Industries (Sapa), Snova, Polyacryl and Isfahan Zob-Ahn Joint Stock Company. The gold industry in Isfahan has the most workshops and the largest gold factories in Iran. One of the bases of Isfahan’s economy for a long time are various handicrafts of Isfahan.

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