Based on the support of nearly 30 years of research, University of Isfahan Management Research Institute has set its mission as a leading research center to guide and implement fundamental, applied and interdisciplinary research and communication with the country’s research and technology policymakers. This research institute has started its official activity, based on the principal agreement (No. 3/5451 dated 7/13/2009 )of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and also based on the definitive license (No. 3/564442 dated 11/2/2002). This institute is the first research one in the University of Isfahan, whose main goal is to conduct researches related to the educational groups of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics and to promote research activities and training of personnel in order to produce knowledge in the fields needed by the country with modern approaches and trends. It is a field and in line with the research needs of executive, service and production institutions of the province, region and country. It has several research departments including: Information Technology Management, Quality Management and Operations Research. It is hoped that the research institute can meet the needs of executive bodies and industrial centers with its scientific and research capacity in order to achieve the sacred goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the country’s development vision plan.

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