University of Isfahan was established on December 30, 1946 with the establishment of Isfahan Higher School of Health. This university, one of the most important and oldest scientific and cultural centers of the country, is one of the main universities of Iran. This University is among the first-level universities of the country, conducted scientific activities in various educational and research fields.

More than 100,000 students have graduated from this university in various fields and levels of study Since the establishment of this university. Currently, University has more than 670 faculty members with 56% of full professor and associate professor positions. More than 16,500 students (45% of graduate students in 51 fields of study at the undergraduate level, 216 fields of study at the master’s level and doctoral level) are active in 14 faculties and two campuses of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science in Khansar and the Shahreza Higher Education Center.

Currently, there are 54 scientific associations, 6 eminent scientific groups scientific pole, 10 research institutes and research centers, 35 active research groups, a central laboratory and about 200 teaching and research laboratories of scientific groups, 40 technology units and khnowledge-based companies, a main central library, 5 faculty libraries and 4 study halls in the University of Isfahan.
Publication of one thousand book titles by University of Isfahan Publishing Center and publication of more than one thousand articles by faculty members in prestigious domestic and foreign journals as well as 40 scientific research journals and a cultural and news journal licensed by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance are among the achievements of this university.
University of Isfahan is one of the 5 active universities in the country in international affairs, with about 200 memorandums of understanding signed with 47 countries and more than 50 memorandums of understanding implemented since 1997.

At least one of the professors of this university have been selected and appreciated by the Ministry of Science as a national exemplary professor and at least 3 of its students have been selected as model students of the country every year since 1989.
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